Crystal Corbin, Coach Crystal Corbin is a wife and supportive spouse to her law enforcement officer husband, Tony Corbin for 12 years. She is a mother to almost 7 year old, Bryson Corbin that keeps her pretty busy. Crystal enjoys spending time with her family, running, obstacle races, and being outdoors. She has worked at […]


Shanna Williams, Coach Shanna has two children, Giovanna and Rocco.  She is a lead teacher at New Vision Gymnastics and a stay-at-home mom. Shanna enjoys yard work, spending time with her kids, hiking, running and just being outdoors. How long have you been a part of the MoveMore family? 2017 Describe yourself in one word. […]


Brooke Smith, Coach Brooke Smith is a wife to James Smith (lucky guy) and two spunky, silly children: Anslyn and Jacob.  She enjoys fashion and design and is a peddler of sorts.  An Interior Designer by day, working for her mother at Creative Interiors and an online boutique owner by night, Anna Bedells.  Her interests […]


Tiffany Berg, Coach Tiffany lives with 5 rambunctious boys (4 of whom are her sons) and grew up in Memphis, TN before moving here in 2004.  She and her husband Josh have been married for 12 years.  When she’s not at the gym or homeschooling her sons, she enjoys running, hiking and traveling. How long […]


Katy Huscusson, Coach Katy has two children, Charlie Ruth (2) and Lincoln Jack (5 months) and keeps hubby, Adam on his toes.  She has been teaching for the NC public school system for 9 years and currently teaches math in the Connections Program at MVI.  She enjoys reading, cuddling her babies, and discussing the complexities […]

Lindsay Wright

Lindsay Wright, Owner/Head Coach Describe yourself in one word. Consistent Favorite movement? Tie between THRUSTERS and BURPEES If you could only eat one thing forever what would it be? Cereal Biggest strengths in the gym? Any type of conditioning workout, running (long distance) and never quitting. Biggest weakness in the gym? Pull-ups Biggest Fitness accomplishment? […]