What is MoveMore?

MoveMore Fitness is a functional fitness training facility and group training all rolled into one.  The basic philosophy behind each MoveMore session is to make you a more capable, stronger person OUTSIDE the gym.  Our goal is to provide group personal training in a safe, fun and encouraging environment.

It’s about accomplishing those really hard things that you wouldn’t want to do alone.

It’s laughing through burpees and situps.

It’s high fives for everyone, first or last to finish.

What to expect during a session?

Expect to be challenged.  Behind every MoveMore session is custom-programming that incorporates six key fitness objectives:  flexibility, balance, speed, agility, strength and power.  Our goal is to provide progressive functional training that makes you stronger.  You won’t find ellipticals or treadmills at MoveMore.

While each MoveMore workout is different, you can generally expect the following format from each 45 to 60-minute session:

Warmup – ~5 minutes
Agility/Speed/Dynamic Stretching Drills – ~10 minutes
Group Stretch – ~5 minutes
Workout – ~20-30 minutes
Finisher – ~5 minutes
Group Stretch – ~5 minutes

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