What does “functional fitness” mean?

Simply put, functional fitness is any type of exercise that prepares us to function in the real world.  Daily tasks such as carrying your groceries, twisting to pick up a child, squatting down to pick up a toy – all of these are things you do throughout the day.  Functional fitness training prepares you to perform those tasks BETTER and more EFFICIENTLY.

Each MoveMore session contains elements that will help you live a healthier, stronger lifestyle OUTSIDE the gym.

What can I expect from a MoveMore session?

Expect to be challenged.  Behind every MoveMore session is custom-programming that incorporates six key fitness objectives:  flexibility, balance, speed, agility, strength and power.  Our goal is to provide progressive functional training that makes you stronger.

While each MoveMore workout is different, you can generally expect the following format from each 45 to 60-minute session:

Warmup – ~5 minutes
Agility/Speed/Dynamic Stretching Drills – ~10 minutes
Group Stretch – ~5 minutes
Workout – ~20-30 minutes
Finisher – ~5 minutes
Group Stretch – ~5 minutes

Where do I learn about schedule changes/gym events?
Go to the Schedule page to see a current schedule.  Also, sign up for our monthly newsletter so you don’t miss out on a thing!

Do my unused sessions carry over to the next week or month?
No, sessions will expire if they are not used within the week and month they are purchased.  If you are a 3x/week member and can only make it twice, you will not be owed a session.  Punch-cards expire after 6 months from initial purchase.

What if I’m a 3x/week member and want to come an extra day?
You may pay the drop-in fee of $8 for any additional days you’d like to come during the week.  You might also consider upgrading to the Unlimited option!

Do you have someone to watch my kids?

No.  Your children are welcome to come with you (FREE OF CHARGE) to any MoveMore sessions but are required to stay within the zoned “Kids Area.”  Please go here for the rules about bringing your children.

I need help with my diet.  How do I sign up for a Nutrition Consult?

Please email movemorefit@gmail.com to inquire about Nutrition Coaching.