Bringing Your Kids

Childcare Information/Policies

MoveMore Fitness exists out of a need to have my children near me.  I understand that other mothers might feel the same!  Children are a JOY and absolutely invited to come to MoveMore sessions with you.  We do not provide childcare for the Kids Area – every mother watches her own child.

Please note the following policies as they will be strictly enforced with no exceptions.  We just want to keep everyone SAFE!

1.   Your child must be within the zoned “Kids Area” at all times when they are within our facility, unless being accompanied by you to the restroom.

2.  Children are never allowed on the workout floor unless in transit to/from the restroom.  At these times the child/children must be in direct contact with their parents/guardians so as not to interfere with the efforts of those working out or warming up.

3. Children are never allowed to be in contact with any MoveMore equipment.

4.  Since there isn’t an employee in charge of watching children, the parent is responsible for taking care of them.  Please keep an eye on your own child.  Attend to crying children.

5.  If you have a child who is over 12 years old and would like to workout, please ask about our discounted family rate!