MoveMore MAX

Have you been gaining strength in your workouts at MoveMore and want to REALLY test yourself?

Want to see just how STRONG you are?

If so, MoveMore MAX is for you!

MoveMore MAX is a 3-month muscle development program, exclusively designed to increase strength and power in the studio.  Each custom-programmed workout incorporates the various modalities of strength training and is designed to help you burn fat more efficiently.
In this 3-month program, we will:

  • Focus on the 4 major lifts – the Squat, the Deadlift, the Overhead Press and the Bench Press
  • Find and test your maximum loads
  • Learn and perform complimentary accessory lifts

Participants in the first MAX cycle increased their lifts by as much as 48% over the 3-month period!   Most are rejoining for this second cycle to continue getting stronger!

May 8th marks the start of the second cycle of MoveMore MAX and registration is open NOW.  This cycle will run from May through the end of July.  Class times for WOMEN will be:  Tuesdays at 8am and Wednesdays at 5:15am and 4pm (this 4pm will change to Tuesdays at 9am for June/July).  Class time for MEN will be Fridays at 6am.  The special introductory cost for this 3-month package is $129*.

Only 7 clients can be selected to participate in each class timeslot.

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*$129 fee does not include the monthly studio membership fee.  Must be prepaid before the first class on May 8th, 2018.