Personal Training

Personal Training

We are thrilled to offer first class personal training at reasonable rates!

Hiring a trainer will offer you extra accountability and support on your fitness journey! Our knowledgeable staff can create a workout program to get you started with a routine, while monitoring intensity for injury prevention, and keeping you motivated to help you reach your fitness goals!

Matt Harlfinger

Matt has been a personal trainer in Franklin since 2016. He specializes in strength training, weight loss, and sport specific goals. He has trained 5 clients to lose over 100lbs and prior to personal training he spent 8 years coaching track and field at the collegiate level. He was a member of 19 conference championship teams and had the honor of coaching numerous conference champions and record holders.

Jon Lyon

Jon Lyon has been training in Macon county since 2011. His passion is improving people’s quality of life through fitness. He’s had the opportunity to work with post cardiac care, post and pre orthopedic surgery, teen athletes, college students, and pro athletes. When Jon’s not training his clients he enjoys spending time with his wife and son, enjoying CrossFit, jujitsu, wave runners, hiking, going to the shooting range, attending Olympic Lifting and powerlifting competitions. Most of all he enjoys meeting new people.

Jon Lyon MA.MA
CrossFit CCFT Level 3
USAW Coach Level 2, Judge
USAPL Club Coach
Brazilian jujitsu blue belt
Safe Sport Certified

Melissa Ward

Hi everyone! My name is Mel and I’m super pumped to be joining the talented team at MoveMore Fitness! As an avid runner, I have completed all levels of competitive runs, from 5ks to marathons. My passion for running bloomed into coaching both Cross Country and Track & Field in the community. Fitness became my heart and soul. I completed my Personal Training Certificate with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) to extend my passion to you! I am here to help you change your life in the simplist and most realistic way possible. Together we can bridge your desires to be fit, look better, feel better and live longer with a healthy lifestyle and an easy to follow fitness routine. Together we can move mountains!