Brooke Smith, Coach

Brooke Smith is a wife to James Smith with two children, Anslyn and Jacob, who keep her very happy and busy.  She enjoys fashion and design and works for her mother at Creative Interiors. Brooke also runs an online boutique, Anna Bedells.  Her interests and hobbies include her family and all their adventures together, yoga, hiking and being in the woods, shopping, fine art and travel…and food; lots of scrumptious food.

How long have you been a part of the MoveMore family?

Two years!  Time flies!

Describe yourself in one word.


Favorite movement?

Bear Crawl

If you could only eat one thing forever what would it be?

Mexican or Thai food

Biggest strengths in the gym?


Biggest weakness in the gym?

Long distance running

Biggest Fitness accomplishment?

A weeklong Salkantay Trek in Peru, South America.  Although not your typical workout, the climate and altitude changes coupled with an impossible terrain to climb made this my most challenging fitness endeavor.

Certifications held:  Fitour Pilates Instructor, Fitour Group Barbell Instructor, CPR & AED-certified.