Katy Huscusson, Coach

Katy has two children, Charlie Ruth (4) and Lincoln Jack (2) and keeps hubby, Adam on his toes.  She has been teaching for the NC public school system for 11 years and currently teaches math in the Connections Program at MVI.  She enjoys reading, cuddling her babies, and discussing the complexities of infinity.

How long have you been a part of the MoveMore family?

Since the very first time my sister came up with the idea.  2014.

Describe yourself in one word.


Favorite movement?


If you could only eat one thing forever what would it be?


Biggest strengths in the gym?

Weighted movements

Biggest weakness in the gym?

Core work

Biggest Fitness accomplishment?

Working out until 39 weeks pregnant and returning 2 weeks postpartum.

Certifications held:  Fitour Group Exercise Instructor, Fitour Group Barbell Instructor, CPR & AED-certified.